Friday, February 27, 2009

Sources for pre-18th century emulation

Tintoretto's St. Mark's Body Brought to Venice

Pontormo's Portrait of a Man

Bronzino's Portrait of a Mother and Son

Pontormo's Annunciation

Bronzino's Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time

Bronzino's Portrait of a Young Man Holding a Book

Bronzino's Portrait of a Young Girl

Pontormo's Visitation

Pontormo's Deposition

Bronzino's Deposition

Parmigianino's Madonna with the Long Neck

Evidently, I am really into mannerism, because of how strange it is. Pontormo clearly based his style off of Michelangelo, and then taught Bronzino, and Bronzino really brought that style to a totally different level. Note the similarities (and differences) between their deposition scenes.

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laura noname said...

Bronzino corretto una volta / Bronzino corregido una vez